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Some men take good care of a car,
other treat it like one of the family.

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Who We Are

Greetings from Ramdev Motors Pvt. Ltd.

The group had its origin in the year 2006 as an entrepreneurial venture started by the Late Mr. Hitesh R Movaliya. From a Kunkavav, it has grown into a professionally managed, multi-dimensional corporate house.
he success of any organization depends on valuable customers like you. We feel accomplished when we are able to meet your expectations. We hope to retain this precious relationship in future as well. Whenever you feel that we need to bring in some changes in the quality of work we deliver, we would be more than happy to receive your valuable suggestions.
We value each one of our employees, and we hope that everywhere here finds themselvesrewarding and satisfying. We founded this company in 2006 on a very basic principle: Customers will pay for exceptional service and knowledge. Using this principle as the beacon we started a proprietorship concern by the name of Ramdev Motors Pvt. Ltd. of Saurashtra regions of Kunkavav. Today thecompany has added many milestones and stands tall in employing more than 10 people across Saurashtra region in Gujarat. We know that only happy and relaxed employees can give the quality and good-natured service that our customers demand. At RamdevMotors, we want our employees to put the customer first. That’s why we, in management, we put our employees first. We know that we are only as good as you are.

3D Wheel Alignment And Balancing

Wheel alignment is the process of setting a vehicle’s wheels to point in the correct direction, as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. This position is formulated based on the design of the steering and suspension of the vehicle and will enable your wheels to provide optimal handling. Wheel alignment is measured by checking the angles of all four wheels to ensure that they still remain in the position specified by the vehicle manufacturer. If they do not, they can be adjusted easily. Every time a new tyre is mounted to an axle the wheel will be balanced to ensure that your tyres and wheels rotate optimally for a comfortable and smooth drive. The process of wheel balancing involves equalising the weight of your tyre and wheel assembly with small weights. A wheel balancing machine is used to calculate the weight and location of these balance counter weights which are then adjusted to manufacturer’s specifications.


We pride ourselves in replacing all service parts as standard, as well as carrying out an extensive inspection of your vehicle. The service parts include; appropriate oil, oil filter, air filter, pollen filter, fuel filter (external to tank) and spark plugs (petrol engines). It is important to note that some vehicles are fitted with long-life car service parts. These are parts which are designed to last several years and do not need replacing at every service. It is because of this design feature that long-life service parts are considerably more expensive than standard car service parts. If your vehicle is fitted with long-life service parts (such as platinum spark plugs for example) then you may incur an additional charge for their renewal. That is only if they are due to be changed and you have authorized their replacement.

General Sales and Service

At Ramdev Motors First Choice Services we strive to provide the best levels of service to all our customers ensuring they enjoy a safe and pleasant driving experience. We offer an extensive range of car repair services for cars of all makes and models all under one roof. We specialise in car services including wheel alignment service , car body repair , engine repair , denting and painting , brake repair , car grooming , road side assistance and much more. Our highly professional and trained mechanics use the best quality products combined with latest techniques for all car repair services.

L.P.G. & C.N.G. Instalation

While CNG is an excellent choice for vehicle fleets that operate out of terminals, availability and low energy density make it a very questionable choice for cars or home use. The existing and extensive LPG infrastructure makes LPG a much better choice for cars, in addition to the cruising range advantage. Pollution is the major problem caused by petrol engine vehicle. CNG / LPG is a clean fuel. The use of ecofriendly fuels like CNG / LPG helps to reduce the pollution. Besides the advantage of pollution, the cost of CNG / LPG against petrol is considerably low. Vanaz has developed both CNG and LPG kits indigenously and supplying to major OEMs for last 16 years. Vanaz CNG and LPG kits are suitable for petrol engine as bi-fuel i.e. Petrol & CNG /LPG for 2, 3 & 4 wheelers meeting all statutory requirements.

Car Central Lock Instalation

Car theft or car break-ins are always a worry to the motorist and it is wise to take every precaution against them that you can. Central door locking is a feature that provides both convenience and added security to anyone who regularly drives around with passengers in their car.

24x7 Roadside Assistance

We also provide facilities 24/7, 365 days a year roadside assistance.

Key Benefits:
  1. Assistance over phone
  2. 24/7, 365 days a year roadside assistance
  3. On site repair for Minor work
  4. Citywide Assistance
  5. Towing to MFCS Service Centre
  6. Replacement/ Locked or Lost keys
  7. Flat Tyre Support
  8. Battery Jumpstart
Wiring Scanning & Key Coding
Gov. App.
L.P.G. / C.N.G Installation.
Central Lock Installation.
General Sales & Services

Contact Us

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hiteshmovaliya007@gmail.com +91 (9408) 899 009 (Hitesh Movaliya) / +91 (9426) 476 275 (Jignesh Movaliya)

Where To Find Us

Derdi Road, Nr.Indu Petrol Pump,
Nilkanth Park Society, Kunkavav

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